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MAY 2013

The 2012 edition of The Skin Cancer Foundation Journal features medically reviewed, reader-friendly articles such as tanning, the increasing incidence of skin cancer diagnoses among young women, & the prevalence of melanoma among white males over 50.

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norman lockshin, MD Silver Spring, MD Rebekah oyler, MD Raleigh, NC elisa Roberts, MD Arden, NC Gwyn londeree, MD Columbus, OH Susan pardee, MD Chandler, AZ heather Roberts, MD Los Angeles, CA Debra luftman, MD Encino, CA William parsons, MD Live Oak, TX timothy Rodgers, MD Frisco, TX Diane Madfes, MD New York, NY Marina peredo, MD Smithtown, NY heather Rogers, MD Seattle, WA Gary Marder, MD Port St. Lucie, FL angela peterman, MD Annapolis, MD Cynthia Rogers, MD Port Saint Lucie, FL Darnell Martin-Wimmer, MD Lakewood, CO Gerald peters, MD Bend, OR Bruce Saal, MD Los Gatos, CA patricia McCormack, MD Staten Island, NY John pfenninger, MD Midland, MI Sanjiv Saini, MD Edgewater, MD Mark McCune, MD Overland Park, KS kevin pinski, MD Chicago, IL F. paul Sajben, MD Chico, CA harrison McDonald, MD Encinitas, CA lora plattner, MD Scottsdale, AZ Stacy Salob, MD New York, NY Wendy McFalda, Do Clarkston, MI Jeffrey pollock, MD Huntingdon Valley, PA hakeem Sam, MD, phD Pittsburgh, PA elizabeth Mckay, MD Stuart, FL isabelle ponge Wilson, MD New York, NY Dwight Scarborough, MD Dublin, OH Deborah Mendelson, MD Phoenix, AZ Jerome potozkin, MD Danville, CA Brent Schillinger, MD Boca Raton, FL Caren Mikesh, MD Naples, FL loretta pratt, MD Media, PA Dieter Schmidt, MD Mill Creek, WA D. Scott Miller, MD Fort Worth, TX Richard price, MD Ridgeland, MS adriana Schmidt, MD Santa Monica, CA Debbie Miller, MD Portland, OR Cynthia price , MD Scottsdale, AZ Chrysalyne Schmults, MD Jamaica Plain, MA indira Misra-higgins, Do Beverly Hills, MI Janet prystowsky, MD New York, NY neal Schultz, MD New York, NY Christopher Moeller, MD Wichita, KS Denise puthuff, MD Louisville, KY keith Schulze, MD Sugarland, TX Meena Moossavi, MD Livonia, MI Frederick Quarles, MD Virginia Beach, VA alan Semion, MD Roseville, CA kelli Morgan, MD Bardstown, KY Babar Rao, MD Somerset, NJ Jessica Severson, MD Batavia, NY kevin Mott, MD Honolulu, HI Sandra Read, MD Washington, DC lindsay Sewell, MD Idaho Falls, ID thomas nichols, MD Houston, TX Charles Reed, MD Hickory, NC kara Shah, MD, phD Cincinnati, OH David no, MD, phD Folsom, CA andrew Ress, MD Boca Raton, FL Shahnam Shahabadi, MD Annandale, VA Christopher norwood, MD New Britain, CT Blas Reyes, MD Miami, FL nahid Shahrooz, MD Indianapolis, IN Robyn notterman, MD Princeton, NJ Will Richardson, MD Fort Lauderdale, FL pramod Sharma, MD Salt Lake City, UT Joseph o'Connell, MD Westport, CT Donald Richey, MD Chico, CA Christopher Shea , MD Chicago, IL David olansky, MD Atlanta, GA Jennifer Ridge, MD Middletown, OH linda Sheu, MD Roseville, CA Richard ort, MD Lone Tree, CO Christopher Robb, MD Spring Hill, TN Jacqueline Shukle, MD Ottawa, ON 84 SK I N C A NCER FOU N DAT ION JOU R NA L

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