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MAY 2015

The 2012 edition of The Skin Cancer Foundation Journal features medically reviewed, reader-friendly articles such as tanning, the increasing incidence of skin cancer diagnoses among young women, & the prevalence of melanoma among white males over 50.

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Celebs speak out: TANNING IS "In a thousand years archaeologists will dig up tanning beds and think we fried people for punishment." ~Olivia Wilde~ Sir Paul sporting sunscreen. I HAVE SUNSCREEN EVERYWHERE! I NEVER GO ANYWHERE WITHOUT IT. ~Jennifer Garner~ "Tanning is so old school. These days we ladies know better than to coat our skin in oil and bake all day in the sunshine. No thank you! I love a good glow, but I'll opt for a self-tanner and skip the premature aging and skin damage please." ~Lauren Conrad~ Always, always, always! My mom insisted on SPF. ~Kristen Bell~ "If I could go back and talk to my 15-year-old self I'd be like, 'Seriously, listen to your mom. Drink more water, put more sunscreen on, moisturize.' There are a lot of people like me who wish they did more." ~Carrie Underwood~ "I only wish I knew earlier how damaging the sun is. As someone who lives for the outdoors, I now have the dark spots to prove it—and I'm always pointing them out to my daughters as a reminder to slather on the sunblock!" ~Christie Brinkley~ "I wear sunscreen. I've always been thoughtful about my skin because later on you can cut, pull, lift, but you can't change its texture; it's really important to take good care of it for as long as you can." ~Olivia Munn~ "Sunscreen is a must, no matter your skin tone." ~Gabrielle Union~ For the latest information and updates go to:

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