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MAY 2015

The 2012 edition of The Skin Cancer Foundation Journal features medically reviewed, reader-friendly articles such as tanning, the increasing incidence of skin cancer diagnoses among young women, & the prevalence of melanoma among white males over 50.

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people her skin cancer survivor story and realizing that her health is much more important than a bronzed hue. "It was a horrible experience to go through. I get very annoyed now when I see people walk into tanning salons. I was that girl, and it didn't work out well for me." MAKING IT TOO EASY Diana Schmitz, a senior at Texas Tech Uni- versity in Lubbock, Texas, has a long scar by her elbow from an early but high-risk mela- noma removed earlier this year. As a fresh- man, she had convinced her parents to buy her a tanning pass to achieve a glow in time for a spring sorority formal. No tanning salons are available on her campus, but the nearby town has up to five salons, which she visited regularly, she said. Occasionally, she would also use the free tanning beds available at her friends' off-campus apartments. "Pretty much every apartment complex has a tan- ning bed," said Schmitz. That summer, home in Dallas, she noticed a mole on her arm that looked different. Her dermatologist checked it but didn't seem concerned. He took a biopsy, just in case. A week later she received a call saying it was melanoma. "It was surreal," said Schmitz. "It was instant regret that I had used tanning beds." Back at school, people started to ask Schmitz about her scar, and she made a point to tell them about her tanning expe- rience. "It affected me deeply. It's so scary and traumatic to have to go through. A lot of my friends have listened and stopped using tanning beds." She also thinks colleges need to do more to protect their students. "I look at tanning as something that is so dangerous and unneces sary. To make it that easy to have tanning beds where students live makes me really angry." 51 References on pages 105-107. Tanners HARD LESSONS LEARNED Figure 11-12: Diana Schmitz Above: Diana Schmitz in 2012 when she used to tan regularly at a salon near her college campus. Right: Schmitz, a senior at Texas Tech University, no longer tans since she was diagnosed with a stage IB melanoma near her elbow. For the latest information and updates go to:

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