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MAY 2015

The 2012 edition of The Skin Cancer Foundation Journal features medically reviewed, reader-friendly articles such as tanning, the increasing incidence of skin cancer diagnoses among young women, & the prevalence of melanoma among white males over 50.

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57 CYCLING SWIMMING & SURFING J Crew Sun Shirt A lightweight, looser-fit- ting UPF 50 rash guard, this top is perfect for a day at the beach, running or just walking around town. Made with quick- drying nylon /spandex. O'Neill Hooded Super Tech Jacket This new high-tech rash guard hoodie is made with a super-lightweight, water-resistant fabric called Technobutter, which has UPF 40+ protec- tion. It's perfect for water sports such as stand-up paddle boarding. Skins L/S Crew A UPF 50+ rash guard made with special stitching to avoid chafing and irritation. Includes a loop near the bottom to connect to your shorts so that it doesn't pull over your head when you're paddling on a board. Specialized Since cyclists spend hours riding outdoors in the sun, this manufac- turer introduced the DeflectUV line of fabrics for all of their products (ranging from UPF 30 to UPF 50 protection). Their RBX apparel line is designed for long endurance rides. RBX Pro Jersey Made with high-tech "Cold Fabric" that reflects UV and wicks mois- ture to keep you cooler, this riding jersey has seven pockets and UPF 50 protection. RBX Pro Bib Short With the same high-tech properties as the RBX Pro Jersey, these bib shorts have built-in triple density foam padding, two rear pockets and UPF 50 protection. Held up by suspender-like straps, they must be worn with a jersey for upper body UV protection. Some extras to include when biking: To protect exposed arms and legs, consider separate leg and arm sleeves with UPFs of 30 or higher. Wraparound sunglasses or goggles with 99-100 percent UV protection are essential for your eyes, eyelids and surrounding areas, and wearing a cycling cap or visor under your helmet will protect more of your face. Land's End Swim Tees Made with soft, lightweight and quick-dry- ing fabric, these UPF 50 shirts for men, women and children are perfect over a bath- ing suit. Made in a variety of stylish pat- terns and colors, the tees are also great for workouts or a casual afternoon. Like fishermen, surfers and other water sport enthusiasts face the double whammy of being hit first by the sun's rays from above, then again by those rays reflected off the water. To protect their back, shoulders, chest and stomach from the sun and prevent chafing from their boards, surfers often wear wetsuits or rash guards. Some wetsuits also come with built-in hoods to protect the head. Rash guards, also called swim tees, are usually made of nylon, polyester or spandex, and can be worn under a wetsuit or over a bathing suit. They have recently become popular beyond the surfing community as sensible sun protection for swimmers, beachgoers and those spending a casual afternoon outdoors. In recent years, cycling apparel makers have developed high-tech jerseys, shorts, leggings and bibs that are lightweight, breathable, and sweat-wicking, with UPFs of 30 or higher.

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