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MAY 2015

The 2012 edition of The Skin Cancer Foundation Journal features medically reviewed, reader-friendly articles such as tanning, the increasing incidence of skin cancer diagnoses among young women, & the prevalence of melanoma among white males over 50.

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9 6 For the latest information and updates go to: Debra Abell, MD David E. Bank, MD Johnnie Amonette Shawn Allen, MD Amy Forman Taub, MD Domenico Valente, MD Daniel C. Baker, MD Perry Robins, MD Patricia Wexler, MD Steven M. Rotter, MD Darrick Antell, MD Dale M. Abadir, MD Leonard Dzubow, MD Ramzi Saad, MD Neil S. Sadick, MD Michael W. Steppie, MD John Strasswimmer, MD Marcy Street, MD John Huber, MD Evelyn M. Jones, MD Cheryl Karcher, MD Bruce E. Katz, MD Leon H. Kircik, MD Ariel Ostad, MD Melanie Palm, MD, MBA Maritza I. Perez, MD Harold S. Rabinovitz, MD William Heimer, MD C. William Hanke, MD Michael Ebertz, MD Robin Friedman, MD Francesca Fusco, MD Pierre M. George, MD Jay G. Barnett, MD Ronald G. Wheeland, MD Susan H. Weinkle, MD Robert D. Durst, Jr., MD Amy Huber, MD Gina Ang, MD Brian Cook, MD Maribeth Chitkara, MD C U R R E N T M E M B E R S Rex A. Amonette, MD THE SKIN CANCER FOUNDATION HONORS THE DR. REX AND JOHNNIE AMONETTE CIRCLE

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