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MAY 2012

The 2012 edition of The Skin Cancer Foundation Journal features medically reviewed, reader-friendly articles such as tanning, the increasing incidence of skin cancer diagnoses among young women, & the prevalence of melanoma among white males over 50.

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The Robins Fund For the Advancement of Mohs Surgery The Robins Fund for the Advancement of Mohs Surgery was established to assure the world that Mohs surgery consistently has the highest cure rate for treating skin cancers and to ensure that Mohs surgery will live on in perpetuity. The Fund is open to all dermatologists who have completed a one year fellowship in Mohs surgery who make an annual commitment of $1,000 to the Foundation. Membership benefits include a special profile on the Foundation's Physician Finder, complimentary patient education brochures, and publicity. Currently, the Mohs section on is one of the most popular sections on the website, with 4,500 visitors each month. This section is promoted by the Foundation through online advertising and webletters. MEMBERS Perry Robins, MD Indicates new member Rex A. Amonette, MD Lisa Chipps, MD C. Drew Claudel, MD Brett M. Coldiron, MD Montgomery Gillard, MD Leonard H. Goldberg, MD Brian Harris, MD H. Ross Harris, MD Sherry Hsiung, MD Brian L. Johnson, MD Joseph M. Masessa, MD Ronald L. Moy, MD Kishwer Nehal, MD Jay Y. Park, MD Sean Pattee, MD Adelle T. Quintana, MD Lisa Renfro, MD Ritu Saini, MD Deborah S. Sarnoff, MD BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP t /BUJPOBM NFEJB JOUFSWJFX PQQPSUVOJUJFT t -JTUJOH PO UIF 'PVOEBUJPO T PGmDJBM MFUUFSIFBE t 4QFDJBM SFDPHOJUJPO PO UIF 'PVOEBUJPO T CPPUI BU UIF BOOVBM NFFUJOH PG UIF "NFSJDBO "DBEFNZ PG %FSNBUPMPHZ t " QSPmMF PO UIF 'PVOEBUJPO XFCTJUF T 1IZTJDJBO 'JOEFS XJUI QIPUP CJPHSBQIZ MJOL UP ZPVS QSBDUJDF XFCTJUF 5IF 1IZTJDJBO 'JOEFS JT WJTJUFE OFBSMZ UJNFT FWFSZ NPOUI CZ QBUJFOUT TFBSDIJOH GPS B EFSNBUPMPHJTU For more information PO 5IF 3PCJOT 'VOE QMFBTF DPOUBDU UIF %FWFMPQNFOU 0GmDF CZ QIPOF BU PS CZ FNBJM BU MUSVFTEBMF!TLJODBODFS PSH 88 SK IN CANCER FOUNDAT ION JOURNA L t GSFF QBUJFOU FEVDBUJPO CSPDIVSFT PG ZPVS DIPJDF t $PNQMJNFOUBSZ SFHJTUSBUJPO BU UIF 'PVOEBUJPO T EFSNBUPMPHZ DPOGFSFODFT t $PNQMJNFOUBSZ DPQZ PG UIF 'PVOEBUJPO T 4LJO $BODFS *NBHF -JCSBSZ t $PNQMJNFOUBSZ DPQZ PG UIF 'PVOEBUJPO T $PNNVOJUZ &EVDBUJPO 1SFTFOUBUJPO Michael R. Warner, MD Susan H. Weinkle, MD "AN ESTABLISHED LEADER IN MOHS SURGERY AND A FORMIDABLE FORCE OF NATURE, DR. ROBINS IS WELL- EQUIPPED TO LEAD THE CHARGE ON THIS VERY CRITICAL INITIATIVE. I KNOW HE HAS THE BEST INTERESTS OF ALL MOHS SURGEONS AT HEART, AND THAT IS WHY I AM PROUD TO BE A MEMBER OF THE ROBINS FUND." – BRETT M. COLDIRON, MD

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